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The Safehouse

A Professionals Community

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Welcome to The Safehouse!

We are a community entirely devoted to The Professionals, a show which aired in Britain (as well as a few other countries) in the late seventies and America in the early eighties. Under the watchful eye of CI5 controller George Cowley, agents 3.7 and 4.5 (Bodie and Doyle respectively) fought terrorists, prevented the assassination of political leaders and battered many a Ford Capri, creating havoc all over London.

This community is a place for discussion about the show and its cast (and anything else remotely connected!), and for the posting of fan creations (everything from fiction to icons to song-videos). We also hope that it will be an ideal place for new fans to be introduced to The Professionals fandom. We welcome new members and ask only that you read through the rules quickly to be sure that you have the best experience possible.

While gen and het content is welcome, The Safehouse is a slash-focussed community. Posts here may include adult content, including discussion of male/male relationships and/or sexual situations; and even those posts which do not may generate such comments in the discussion.

Fanfiction Posting Guidelines

The Safehouse works in conjunction with Pros-Lib to see that your fanfiction makes it from livejournal to a central archive where Professionals fans who do not possess livejournals are able to enjoy your fanworks. In order to ensure that your story appears on Pros-Lib, please email your stories to the Pros-Lib archivist at proslib [at] gmail [dot] com.

Please note that stories are no longer being added to The Circuit Archive OR the original Hatstand site. The Automated Hatstand ceased to exist in August 2017. However authors can now upload their fanworks to Archive Of Our Own (user account required).

Fic Header
The header below MUST be used when posting fanfiction so members can decide if they wish to read your story. Members posting fanfiction without a header will be asked to edit their posts.

Word count: other than drabbles (defined as 100 words in length), a close estimate is fine.
Pros-Lib: Permission to archive? yes/no
Pairing: (Bodie/Doyle, Doyle/Murphy, Bodie/OC etc)
Warnings* (if any):
Other Information:*

*Warnings/Information - The Safehouse Warnings are identical to those used by Archive Of Our Own (AO3). Warn if your story contains any of the following: Major Character Death, Rape/Non-Con, graphic depictions of violence, or underage. Alternatively you can post your story with the following advice: "Author Chooses Not to Warn".
Other Information: kindly let readers know if the story contains any of these elements: strong kink – e.g. graphic BDSM, bloodplay; or if the setting is AU or a crossover...

You can place any part of your header behind a livejournal spoiler cut. Remove the asterisks from the code below and paste:
<*lj-spoiler>Your Text Here<*/lj-spoiler>
OR use the Spoiler button that is available in both the Rich Text and HTML Editors.

The Safehouse does not accept WIPs (works in progress). All fiction must be completed before submission. Stories that are part of a series should be posted together unless they are able to stand alone. Drabbles and smaller ficlets are fine, however when posting more than one at the same time they should generally be contained within a single post.

ALL fanfiction must be posted under a lj-cut (this includes any quotes that come before the piece).

If you require a beta-reader and/or Brit picker then please feel free to ask on the community. There is also a list of people offering to beta/Britpick on the ci5hq lj community.


Images are very welcome at The Safehouse, but large groups of pictures must be posted under a labelled lj-cut. This is so that members with slow connections do not have to wait half an hour for their page to load. Small groups of icons (1-5) may be posted on their own.

We enjoy photo-manipulations (i.e. art and desktop backgrounds) but ask that you do not submit any with Bodie and Doyle's heads pasted onto porn star bodies. Please use common sense when submitting images and post any that might be considered not work-safe under an explanatory cut.

Please use discretion when reposting images from other websites. Generally speaking: -
1. Don't repost modified graphics such as manips or wallpapers made by fellow fans unless the artist has given permission, or the item was sourced from a reblogging site such as Tumblr.
2. Please credit your sources, whatever/whoever they are. If you cropped a photo, say to remove unnecessary background, it's a good idea to mention that it has been changed from the original.
3. Items on some sites are copyright protected and may have "telltale" watermarks.
4. Have respect for the family and friends of actors, especially in difficult times. It's usually best to avoid reposting personal Facebook images, for example, even when they happen to be public. Public Twitpics and Tumblr images may be reposted as they are usually intended for sharing.
5. If in doubt you can always contact the mods for advice, or post your material locked to the community in the first instance.

Abuse Policy

Absolutely no flaming/abuse will be tolerated. Members caught in any such act will be contacted and banned with no fuss and no hesitation. The Safehouse moderators will not tolerate misbehaviour and members are expected to act in a sensible and civilised manner.

Reports of abuse should be sent to: ci5safehouse [at] gmail [dot] com

Contact Information

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any suggestions/questions/complaints/concerns which may crop up. We are here to help and we aim to reply to every email we receive within 24 hours. We encourage feedback - if you have a problem with the site or an idea about how to improve it, we would be glad to hear it.

Emails should be addressed to ci5safehouse [at] gmail [dot] com




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