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The Professionals Trading Cards

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31 October 2005 | 18:42
mood: happyhappy
posted by: pushkin666 in the_safehouse


Hope this is okay to post.

I was buying some trading card boxes this afternoon and went into the Strictly Ink Trading Card site.  They are a UK company who produce trading cards that sell worldwide.

On their forthcoming release list, it shows that they are bringing out a Professionals set (yippee).   I don't know what the composition of the set is or the release date (as they don't have this info yet), but just thought I'd give everyone a heads up.   Their boxes are normally very good value for money and normally contain autos.

I would also imagine that they will produce a binder for the set as they do for every other set they bring out.

It would be really nice if they managed to obtain both Lewis Collins and Martin Shaw's autos and my partner tells me even though Gordon Jackson is dead (sadly), it is still possible to obtain his auto via signed cheques etc.  Happens all the time with American sports cards (he's a know-it-all!!).

If you're interested in keeping any eye on this the site addy is http://www.strictlyink.com/

I'd just like to point out I do not work for the company or have any connections with it at all (other than giving them my money for cards). 


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(no subject)

from: probodie
date: 31 October 2005 19:42 (UTC)

Oh wow, thanks for sharing this info - may I pass it around elsewhere? I've been hoping for Pros trading cards for ages now, and I shall certainly bookmark that site. Thank you :-)

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(no subject)

from: pushkin666
date: 31 October 2005 22:19 (UTC)

Go for it, spread the good news definitely.. The more people that know about it the better. I love the fact that there is still such a huge interest in the Professionals, considering how long it is since it's been on TV.

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