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Help needed!

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30 October 2005 | 22:30
mood: hopefulhopeful
posted by: empty_mirrors in the_safehouse

I've just finished a longish Halloween story that I was hoping to post tomorrow and I'm looking for a beta who can do a reasonable turn around on it. For details

It's 21600 words long and a Pros/BtVS crossover.

Set in 1982, Bodie and Doyle get dragged into a world of vampires and demons and soon end up out of their depth.

Rated NC-17. Main pairing is Bodie/Doyle, with a relatively graphic encounter between Spike/Dru/Doyle. Some graphic violence and bad humour. Sort of character death, though in true Whedon style, it sure doesn't mean the end for the character.

I really need someone for character voices and plot holes, plus typos 'cause they always slip through. To that end, someone who is familiar with both verses would be appreciated, though a passing acquaintance is better than nothing. BtVS characters who appear include Giles (a major role), Spike and Dru (baddies of the week), Ethan (in cahoots with the bad guys, and The Immortal, whom I've adopted and used for my own ends.

Any and all offers appreciated. Either comment here or email me josey @ emptymirrors.org.uk

Sorted. Thanks!

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