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Admin Post

The recent kerfuffle over changes made to the fic header guidelines for this comm has been a bit of an eye-opener for me.

It’s a sad day when members feel that they’re unable to express their disagreement with the way the_safehouse is being run here at the comm, but instead choose to go and complain about it elsewhere and, in some cases, feel the need to leave the comm entirely. This, combined with reading that this comm is considered unfriendly by some - plus seeing myself described as a “terribly overstuffed shirt” - has made me realise that I obviously no longer have my finger on the pulse of what members here require, and that maybe it’s time to let somebody else take over the reins.

As a result I shall be standing down as moderator/maintainer of the_safehouse.

If anybody is interested in taking over – or if, in the first instance, they merely want to find out what’s involved in running the comm – then please contact me at londonronnie[at]livejournal[dot]com.

I’d also like to express my grateful thanks to those members who’ve posted messages of support – your words have been deeply appreciated during what have been a difficult couple of days.
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