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Some Pros on lj history

I noticed some confusion about the history of the Pros comms and the people involved with them in recent discussions so I thought I'd provide a potted history of the two that have been discussed most recently. I've used the dates in the timeline at Fanlore (actually taken from a list put together by byslantedlight and pals) as a basis then gone into the details as I have them:

Founded by phantomas on 7th March 2004
On 23 March 2005 phantomas announced that queenbamfie (later changed her name to goodnightlady ) would be a co-mod. At some point (haven't been able to find out when exactly) blktauna was also made a co-mod and remained one for many years until fleeing leaving livejournal.
On 11 April 2005 goodnightlady announced that she was now the 'owner' of the_safehouse with blktauna remaining co-mod.

Warning - personal opinion follows:
While I very definitely appreciated the energy with which goodnightlady took on the job, and the two gift fic exchanges she ran off-comm during her tenure, I think it's fair to say that she had a unique personal style when it came to conflict management. The old rules included (paraphrased from memory, somewhat tongue-in-cheek)
- no story recs/discussion - you might get disagreement and disagreement might lead to upsetness and flouncing conflict, therefore it isn't allowed.
- don't cross-post anything about other comms at the_safehouse. Someone might want to go there instead of here - splitters!
- the mod can delete anything she doesn't like at any time. Also, only the mod is allowed to write sharply worded critiques of member behaviour ( one result of this practice - as I'm in a different time zone, I'd check lj in the morning and there would be a scathing mod post, and absolutely no sign of whatever had caused it).
- no posting activities directly to the comm, only the mods to post challenges, etc (fic & icon posts were OK)

On 24 January 2006 goodnightlady posted about a comm for reviews that she had started:
unnaturalcauses is a place for Pros story discussion in all forms. There's no limit on what can be discussed (fics out there, how characters are written in fic, what you prefer to see in fic, the possitibilities are limitless) as long as the discussion has some relevance to Pros. I'd like to keep the_safehouse as the newbie friendly place it has developed into. It's honest but it's a light environment. unnaturalcauses will be a place for those members that choose to air negative opinions in a forum targeted towards honest discussion.

However the comm did not receive a lot of support (this is memory as the comm has been deleted - anyone got anything else to add?).

On 16 Feb 2006 goodnightlady announced that she would be stepping away (but not resigning) from modding the_safehouse and that londonronnie would be stepping in. However goodnightlady retained the role of approving new memberships and setting policy for the comm.

This was the state of play at the time empty_mirrors and przed started ci5hq .

In late March 2008 it came to londonronnie's attention that people were having problems getting their membership of the_safehouse approved. This prompted her to take over this role, and she immediately approved everyone who had applied, as they were all known to her as Pros fen. She also revamped the user info and took away most of the old restrictions. At some point (not sure when) goodnightlady's name was taken off the list of maintainers.

This is why some of us who have been kicking around a while are more than a little protective of this comm. It was Pros first livejournal comm, it still is something of a flagship for the fandom, it's had its ups and downs but I believe that londonronnie has done a brilliant and even-handed job as maintainer since taking over.

(I don't know as much about this one, others are welcome to chip in)

Started by empty_mirrors and przed on 23 April 2006. Quoting empty_mirrors from comments in the Introduction post on 25 March: The_safehouse seems to be more about introducing new work, whereas ci5hq is aiming to fill the gap left by the crack_van#. Plus, because ci5hq allows story/vid recs, any discussion will primarily arise from those I would have thought...

#At around this time, Pros dropped off the active fandom list at crack_van.

Unlike the_safehouse, ci5hq allowed commenting by non-members. The rules were more relaxed and simply expressed (e.g. "Flames are bad"). The original suggested header was:

Link to story (if it's online)
Zine: (if it's in a zine)
Permission to archive the rec/review at Palely Loitering: Yes/No
Short review (1 to 3 sentences)

No warnings policy, discussion of cut-tags or anything like that.

byslantedlight was invited to become a co-mod on 22 June 2006.

On 13 March 2006, empty_mirrors posted a response to a fic-writing challenge between herself and byslantedlight and prefaced the fic with the following note:

So byslantedlight and I have been missing the the_safehouse Challenges recently, and so we decided to play on our own while they're getting back on their feet. This week we challenged each other, and I was given bellydance, a candle and snow as my things to include. These are my results.
We're going to play again on Wednesday – if anyone else would like to join in, please comment on empty_mirrors lj on Wednesday. Non-fandom specific, but we'd encourage everyone to post to their own ljs/comms!

The first challenge was announced on 15 March 2006 and it was The National Curriculum Challenge - Geography (empty_mirrors gave me Sand, Cornwall, brewing and I wrote "Sleeping on the Beach" for that one), followed by: History (I think - the image is no longer hosted); Mathematics; Chemistry and Holiday. The challenge announcements alternated between empty_mirrors and byslantedlight's ljs.

On 13 August 2006 empty_mirrors posted this announcement in her lj (and BSL posted in hers too, and there was a comm announcement at ci5hq, but not the_safehouse - rules!):
You know that whole ... Oooo, wouldn't be a good idea if? Well, byslantedlight and I got to chatting about doing some more Pros challenges, and about how keeping them in our own lj's made them kinda exclusive and such and so we kind of made a comm. - What? Another, you say? Ah, but this one is specifically for challenges! And responses to challenges!

*insert more info about challenges to date when I have time*

On 18 April 2007 phantomas posted on her journal an idea for a newsletter to connect fans with what was happening in the ever-broadening realm of Pros fandom. Worth reading as it stands for the comments (and commenters!).

This comm was created on 3 May 2007 by paris7am. Paris was the first mod, with occasional guest spots by byslantedlight and (once only I think) myself.

On 19 August 2008 paris7am announced that angel_ci5 would take over the comm, as family commitments meant that Paris was unable to continue in the role.

On 19 April 2009 angel_ci5 announced that birggitt would take over the compiler's role. Birggitt's first newsletter post was on 4 May 2009.

Editing notes: there will be edits! First one is to add details of byslantedlight's modship at ci5hq. 2. DIALJ added. 3. pros_newsletter added. 4. Edited to include info about [Bad username: unnatural_causes].
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