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Changes to Fic Header Guidelines - A Followup...

I posted HERE a few days ago about changes to the header guidelines for fic posted to the_safehouse. This followed some lengthy discussion at ci5hq as to whether warnings/spoilers should be included in fic headers or not, and the subsequent setting up of a new LJ comm, prosficspoilers.

The majority of comments made at ci5hq seemed to support the idea of the new comm, and I too believed that it was an ideal way of catering both for those who required warnings/spoilers before reading a fic, and those who did not. I therefore decided that if the_safehouse were to work in conjunction with prosficspoilers we would be able to keep everyone happy!

Sadly, it seems this is not the case. One of the mods (now ex-mod) of ci5hq has posted today about her opposition to this new system and has had a lot of comments in support of her view, the majority of which have come from people who are members here at the_safehouse. This has, frankly, taken me by surprise as my earlier post on the subject did not receive one single comment!

I'm not a mindreader, folks. If I do something here that you don't agree with then please let me know!

So, let's have a poll then -

This poll is closed.

Fic Headers at the_safehouse

I would like warnings/spoilers to be posted to prosficspoilers and not included in fic headers at the_safehouse
I would like warnings/spoilers to be included as before in fic headers at the_safehouse

If anyone would like to elaborate on the way they've voted, or on anything else regarding this issue, then please comment below.
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