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Changes to Fic Header Guidelines at the_safehouse

There have been extensive discussions recently over at ci5hq regarding the desirability (or not!) of including warnings and/or spoilers in headers when posting fic. It became clear that whilst for many readers warnings/spoilers are a definite requirement, there are equally those who have no desire to be spoilt or warned for various twists and turns in the plots of the fic they are reading.

As a result a new LJ comm - prosficspoilers - has now been set up. All warnings and spoilers for fic can now be posted there, thus ensuring that those who want warnings can find them and those that don't no longer run the risk of inadvertently seeing them before starting to read a fic.

In order to accommodate these new arrangements we have made some changes to our header guidelines. We ask that warnings or spoilers are no longer included in the headers of fic posted here at the_safehouse but that the information is instead posted to prosficspoilers.

Full details of the new header guidelines can be found on our USER INFO PAGE.

Thanks in advance to everyone for their cooperation!
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