krisserci5 (krisserci5) wrote in the_safehouse,

info gathering for early air dates and zine publishers and stuff

metabolick and I are trying to nail down the early slash Pros zines. . . so to do that we need a variety of info :)

Where do I find out about zine publishers that are long gone, such as AMC press (Sunshine Press) BlueJay Press , Spice Press. . . .

We think that the first Pros stories to be in zines were of the Multi fandom variety . . . . can't find any absolute agreement on the first full Pros zine published, or the "first of" in specific countries. . .

We have some info gathered already, like checking the Master Zine list on the Hatstand and the zine section of Paley Loitering, however not all those dates are definitive and we have some info from other sources that we are trying to corroborate.

When did Pros air in Australia and in what order?
When did they air in Canada and in what order?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!
Tags: fandom history, zines

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