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Prosfic - Two go on Lockdown by Slantedlight

So, first you have to imagine that all this is taking place sometime back in the early/mid-1980s instead of today...

Title: Two Go on Lockdown
Author: Slantedlight
Word count: No idea yet. And technically Safehouse doesn't accept WiPs, but with the general lack of new Pros-fic around, this is okay, right? Plus, special case situation, right? *g*
Pros-Lib: Permission to archive? Yes
Slash/Gen: Slash, always
Pairing: Bodie/Doyle - likewise, always
Warnings* (if any): I don't give warnings.
Other Information: Technically this is a WiP, but I'll try and keep each day/chapter as complete in itself as possible. It's just to see what happens, really...

Two Go on Lockdown
by Slantedlight

Day One - Tuesday
Doyle woke to an incessant ringing from the bedside table, dragged from deep sleep and dreams before his alarm went off. Weird dreams - he didn't mind waking from them - Maggie Thatcher telling the whole country they'd be staying at home from now on, except to nip out and buy essentials, or for the one exercise session they were allowed per day, standing on a podium in a dress made out of toilet paper, her handbag cunningly fashioned from old toilet rolls. That's why no one else can buy it, he'd thought in his dream, and he'd turned to say that to Bodie, who had managed to get hold of hand sanitiser and was standing by the door, selling it to the other agents for 10p a squirt...

The phone was still ringing, the red phone, and he was awake, and it was just a dream. Get on with it, Doyle. He reached an arm from warm blankets into chill morning air, took a deep breath, which turned for a moment into a cough, and then plucked the handset from its cradle and dragged it back into the warmth with him.


"Message from Control, four-five," someone's rich but brusque voice announced - Carrie, he thought, new girl on the switchboard. "All agents stood down from today. Remain at home until further notice. Repeat, all CI5 agents stood down until further notice. Please confirm."

What? "Uh - repeat please Control. What's goin' on?"

"PM's orders, four-five. CI5 agents will only be called upon if required, otherwise you are to stay at home and observe lock-down. Controller confirms."

Fuck. It hadn't been a dream... It came flooding back to him then, the announcement on the nine o'clock news, turning to stare at Bodie in disbelief. At least it wouldn't apply to them, he remembered thinking. If anyone were key workers, CI5 were, keeping the streets clean. Sanitised, in the PM's new lingo.

"Confirm please, four-five," Carrie repeated, with barely concealed impatience.

"Yeah - confirmed, love. Thanks. Stand down." He listened to the click-burr at the other end of the line, put the phone back, and then threw the covers off and swung around to sit up. How the hell could CI5 be on lockdown?

The phone rang again before he could get any further with that thought, but it was his ordinary phone, the black phone, and he'd bet a pound he knew who was on the other end.

"Lockdown!" Bodie's outraged voice was loud enough that Doyle pulled the phone away from his ear. "Have you heard about this?"

"Yeah, just got the call," he said, torn between joining Bodie in his fury, and trying to be more soothing. "They tell you anything else?"

"Only that we're stood down for the duration. How can you stand CI5 down? They'll have half the villains in London on the streets!"

"I think that's supposed to be the point." Not that he could see the likes of Coogan or Jimmy-T, or even the lads from down the youth club staying at home for very long, any more than Bodie could. "They'll ring us when they work it out," he said, going for calm after all. "We'll be back out in an hour or so."

"You know it," Bodie said, "And I know it - why doesn't the bloody PM know it? What's Cowley playing at now?"

"Long game, probably You know him. Lull them into a sense of false security and then pounce."

"Yeah well, he'd better get on with it. I'm already bored."

"How long you been up?"

"What time is it?"

"Half-six." His alarm hadn't even been due for another hour, he thought grudgingly.

"About fifteen minutes then."

Doyle grinned, despite everything. "Told you you should have stayed over last night."

"Yeah." There was a pause. "Tell you what - I'll see you in twenty minutes."

What? "Bo-die! We're on lock..." But Bodie was gone, and the phone was buzzing in his ears again, and that was that. Trust Bodie... And that was why this lockdown thing wasn't going to work, Doyle thought, shaking his head, but smiling again, because of all the little Bodies out there, itching to be out and about...

He got as far as a shower and halfway through breakfast before the phone rang again. He left his muesli on the table, took his coffee with him, and picked up in the living room. Sun shone through the window onto the sofa, and there was a bird singing somewhere. "Doyle."

"They won't let me leave!"

"Who won't let you leave?" he asked, settling back against the cushions, and closing his eyes into the golden light. "What have you done now?"

"Told you - I was on my way over to your place..."

"You do know we're not supposed to leave home, I suppose?" Doyle asked, because he could already see where this was going, and much as he wanted Bodie right there beside him, he couldn't stop his grin again.

"We're CI5! I flashed 'em my card, and they still turned me around and sent me back home!" He sounded genuinely surprised.

"Who did?"

"Local coppers on patrol! Asked me where I was going, said they had key workers on a list, and CI5 weren't on it!"

"Carrie did try to warn you..."

"I hate arrogant coppers!"

"Yeah, I think you've said that to me once or twice." He paused as meaningfully as he could on the phone, hoping Bodie would remember. The last time Bodie'd said it to him, it was because he'd handcuffed Doyle to the bedhead and been annoyed by Doyle's refusal to stay still even then. He'd been less aggressive with it, more seductive, and it had ended with Doyle's feet tied to the other end of the bed and both of them gasping for breath. It had been worth every minute of Doyle's frustration.

"It's still true," Bodie said, but his voice was softer. He remembered.

"Look, it'll only be for a few hours, then Cowley'll be shouting at us to get back in and wonderin' where the hell we've been."


"Have some breakfast. Read a book."

"I should have stayed over last night."

"Yeah," Doyle said, and his own voice was softer now, because what he would have given to be on lockdown at home with Bodie for even a few hours. "Cowley'll ring. See you soon, mate."

"Alright. Ciao," Bodie said, and hung up. Doyle could practically hear him taking a deep breath, could picture him stalking to the kitchen and opening the fridge. There was bacon in there, and sausages and tomatoes. It'd cheer him up.

Doyle took a mouthful of coffee, got up and wandered back to his muesli. It wouldn't be long. be continued.

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