Fiorenza_a (fiorenza_a) wrote in the_safehouse,

The Good Old Days...I've been wondering...

Several discussions, the revival of the Reading Room and my own exploration of Pros fandom has led me to wonder, has the fandom changed?

Obviously yes, perhaps uniquely to Pros, we were for many years deprived of repeats and ready copies of the source material for our unnatural obsession devotion and we now have that material in abundance.

And the internet has changed the game in so many ways for everybody.

I'm a Johnny-come-lately to the whole fandom thing in general, so I only know it as it exists today.

But in an era when you can write and post something that might been seen by a thousand people across the globe within minutes of its posting (I dream - I think one bloke in Fishguard once read something I wrote for a bet) can we still have 'Big Beasts'? Stories and authors everybody knows, factions and loyalties to a theme or fannish convention?

Were the 'Good Old Days' really good, or just different? And does that matter?

Tags: fandom history

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