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24 December 2005 | 20:37
mood: calmcalm
posted by: akin16sk in the_safehouse

I wrote these for Thora, so I hope she won't mind sharing :))
Three drabbles for you...

Title: The Bisto kids 1,2 and Guilty conscience
Author: Akin
Format: Drabble
Archives: rather not
Slash/Gen: Slash
Warnings: a little nudity in Guily conscience
Summary: Different views on the Bisto kids. And Doyle's thinking while watching Bodie
Disclaimer: I don't own Bodie, I don't own Doyle. No profit being made.

You can guess who it is talking...

Once in a lifetime

Once in their lifetime, every man has a spark of genius. In my life, I have made a few brilliant military moves, if I may say so myself.

And I had the unique spark too. I have no clue when or where, but the results have been astounding, though nerve wracking at times.

I hear them going down the hallways, making racket again. I am prone to shout out and make them silent, but then I only lean back in my armchair. Once in a lifetime. I had my spark as well – when I created the Bisto kids.


I light up my second cigar this morning and then take a sip of my cold coffee.
Then I hear the racket.

It’s coming from the left corridor like a tidal wave. I recognize the source immediately, got enough practice, don’t I? It’s them. Doyle is grumbling loudly, Bodie ignores him though and prattles on about something. I only barely woke up and they, they are together already. They really live in each other’s pockets!

I retreat back into the corridor. The Bisto kids are too much to bear at 5 in the morning. What the hell did the Cow think when he put them together?


Guilty conscience
I cringe my neck more to the right. I feel the muscles straining, but it’s worth the better view of Bodie in shower.

My eyes glide down the spine, tight ass and long legs and then the same way up.

How would it be to lick the delightful dimples?

I entertain the thought a moment and I feel blood rushing to my middle.

Suddenly my eyes get stuck on a blue circle on his shoulder. Bodie has a love bite. My breathing quickens. A mixture of emotions overwhelms me.

The moment Bodie turns. He studies me a moment, then grins. He is marked mine. All mine.

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(no subject)

from: probodie
date: 24 December 2005 19:59 (UTC)

Oh these are delightful. Particularly love the last one :-)

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