The new Salopian (constant_muse) wrote in the_safehouse,
The new Salopian

How did you get into Pros fandom?

We all like to talk about ourselves, right? And I for one never tire of hearing about how other people fell in love with the lads and found themselves sharing the lurve on LJ.

Was chatting with byslantedlight on this very subject when she suggested a post, an idea I have unashamedly hijacked.

So, whether it was just last week or just thirty years ago (*g*), spill the beans and tell us what brought you into Pros fandom.

A friend in another fandom? Seeing the repeats on daytime TV? Reading a favourite author's Pros fic?...

You see, I suspect I'm unusual around here. This time in 2008 I had never heard of fandom or slash or LJ, but I did have this itch to see The Professionals again, after so many years... And then thanks to the interwebz and ITV4 it all came together wonderfully that summer.
Tags: fandom history
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