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Remembering Lew on his birthday

27 May 2018 | 08:06
posted by: londonronnie in the_safehouse

Today would have been Lewis's 72nd birthday. To mark the occasion we have uploaded a new video to our YouTube channel - 'Z Cars'.

Broadcast on 25th February 1974, this was Lew's very first appearance on TV and was the beginning of a television and film career that would gain him a place in the hearts of thousands of fans all over the world.

Remembered with love.

Z Cars - 'Waste'

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Rainlets (the lads) in London

21 May 2018 | 00:03
posted by: macklingirl in the_safehouse

The Rainlets went to London and they had a lot of fun.

MondayCollapse )

Then they had fun at Waterlow Park in Highgate.

Waterlow ParkCollapse )

And yesterday they discovered the crisp bag.

The crispsCollapse )

The last day they relaxed in Hyde Park.

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Looking for alternate expression

15 May 2018 | 17:00
posted by: krisserci5 in the_safehouse

Looking for and expression that is roughly the same as "the almighty buck"

googling it got some very weird sites so I am asking the better than google crowd.

Thanks :)

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Evening at the Sea

11 May 2018 | 23:43
posted by: macklingirl in the_safehouse

The lads are on holiday at the sea.

Weekend at the sea.jpg

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Help Me ID The Artists (Professionals)

3 May 2018 | 13:44
posted by: morgandawn in the_safehouse

Feel free to forward this/reblog

Art is here: https://morgandawn.dreamwidth.org/tag/fanart or https://morgandawn.livejournal.com/tag/fanart

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'Give us a kiss'

22 April 2018 | 18:49
posted by: constant_muse in the_safehouse

Hello, still alive and CI5 radar still tuned ...

If like me you're enjoying BBC's 'Cunk on Britain', you'll now be familiar (if you weren't before!) with the theme to 'the BBC comedy series Brush Strokes' from 1986. Does anyone else think he looks a bit like Bodie? (Having YouTubed episode 1, Lew would've been perfect in the role, a blue-collar Gavin Rumsey.) But that's not all - Karl Howman is none other than Stacey, the cross-dressing baddy in 'Foxhole on the Roof'!

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London - Only three weeks to go

21 April 2018 | 20:14
posted by: macklingirl in the_safehouse

Now it's only three weeks until potztausend and I will be back in London. We'll arrive at May 13th and, like mentioned some months ago, we would like to meet some lovely Pros-fans.

So far I think we will meet heliophile_oxon, byslantedlight, freetraveller15 and maybe kiwisue and agent_talis. And now, I thought, we should try to find a date when we can meet as many people as possible, because now we have to start and make a plan what we will see on which day.

My idea is that we form a chat-email-group. So, if you are agree with this idea, please send me an email at macklingirl(at)web(dot)de and I'll put all ideas about date, time and place in one email that I sent to all of you.

And If there is anyone who isn't in this list right now, but would like to meet us, please don't hesitate and let us know. :-) 

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Can anyone guess the story? - The solution

22 March 2018 | 23:40
posted by: macklingirl in the_safehouse

The story I meant in my last posts was Loving Is A Heavy Cross by Sharon Fetter, which isn't online. It is in the zine Teo Torriate.

I really can't explain why this story hooked me, because normally I don't like Death Fic, neither if one of the lads dies in the story, nor when one of them is dead at the beginning. So maybe I was in the right mood for a sad story. I don't know. But after I read the first part with Doyle sitting under the tree, watching Bodies funeral I wanted to know how Doyle would cope with Bodies death.

Would he leave CI5, would he go on and hope there would be bullet with his name or would he commit suicide? And because I wantedt to know all these, I picked the zine up again and read the next part. And the next.

I must admit, I skipped the poems, but the description of Bodies diary was the reason for the picture.

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Can anyone guess the story? _ Part two

19 March 2018 | 19:50
posted by: macklingirl in the_safehouse

Yesterday I posted this picture and asked a very difficult question. I wanted to know if anyone could guess what story I've read.

Doyle in Bodies Tagebuch_InPixio.jpg

It was a nasty question because who can say what story when there is only a picture and no other clue? So here are some pieces out of the story. Maybe that will ring some bells.

Read more...Collapse )

This part was very hard to read, but still I couldn't believe it and I thought it must be a fake. But then there was this part.

Bodies FlatCollapse )

That was the moment when I put the story away and thought "It wasn't meant for me."

And if this two pieces didn't ring a bell for you, try number three.

Read more...Collapse )

I won't tell you the author now, but the initials are SF. And, of course, I won't tell you the end of the story. But maybe there is somebody outside who knows it now.

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Can anyone guess the story? _ Part one

18 March 2018 | 21:58
posted by: macklingirl in the_safehouse

 A few days ago I stumbled over a story which was very well written and hooked me up. The story started with Bodies funeral and at first I thought about not going with reading. But like I said, I was hooked and continued. :-)

And today, while I was playing with some pictures, I stumbled over this one and it fits the story perfect. So, can anyone guess which story it is?

Oh, this is Bodies diary which Doyle receives from his girlfriend Astrid

Doyle in Bodies Tagebuch_InPixio.jpg

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More Musings & Bemusings

10 March 2018 | 17:48
posted by: fiorenza_a in the_safehouse

Following on from watteaux's recent post, I was watching the This Week 15th anniversary ep on the BBC iPlayer - for those who don't follow it, it's a late night political magazine programme - when up popped a segment filmed by Andrew Rawnsley.

It was cold war themed - plenty of Smiley's People type clichés - but in the middle it segues into the lad's theme tune. I was so distracted I was unable to follow Mr Rawnsley's ramblings.

The whole special is worth a watch, the house band, Swing Zazou, is a treat and Brian Blessed's appearance at the end is car-crash hilarious.

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Playing around

4 March 2018 | 22:40
posted by: macklingirl in the_safehouse

I had a little story in my mind and a picture. And this is the result.

Bodie woke with a start. Hell, he had a headache. Where was he? And why was it so dark? Oh yeah, he should open his eyes. Reluctant he moved himself into a sitting position. While he groaned and gingerly held his head, he heard a slight chuckle. Carefully he turned around. There, outside of his prison, stood one Ray Doyle, laughing loud. "I told you, you should take the flashlight with you if you really want to investigate an old prison cell, mate."

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Nostalgia isn't what it used be...part deux

27 February 2018 | 02:19
posted by: fiorenza_a in the_safehouse

Apart from the glimpses of the city we get in the show, it's hard to get a handle on the lad's London. Now the BBC has come up trumps with an article about the rediscovery of some colour pictures capturing the decades in which the east end emerged from post war austerity and the subsequent industrial malaise to become part of the financial megalopolis London is today.
Read more...Collapse )
A world where you could still get a parking space, if you could afford a car to put in it.

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Nostalgia's Not as Good as it Used to Be...

24 February 2018 | 14:03
posted by: fiorenza_a in the_safehouse

The BBC is currently carrying a link to the Yorkshire Evening Post on the nostalgia of a 70s car thief. The article opens with this statistic: the number of cars reported stolen in Leeds in the first 20 days of January 1976 was 79.
Read more...Collapse )
When people happily drank and drove, smoked in the office, and thought seat belts were for rally drivers. Sometimes I think we forget just how much everything has moved in those years. I often think it is a privilege, those of us who can, don't recognise to have lived in the 20th century. The first half took us from corsets and carriages to the bra and the jet engine. The second invented the welfare state and the internet.

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Our next London trip

21 February 2018 | 12:49
posted by: macklingirl in the_safehouse

It was a bit of a struggle to get a flight and a hotel, but potztausend and me made it. We have a flight and a hotel in Paddington from May 13th till May 20th. :-)

So if there is anybody out there who would be interested in meeting some German pros-fans, we would be very happy to meet you somewhere in London. I think in March or April we will decide what we want to visit, but at the moment we are flexible in our planning. Maybe we can visit some Pros-locations too.

It would be nice to hear from some people that they are interested. :-)

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News about 'The Best Man' and Martin Interviews

16 February 2018 | 10:44
posted by: kiwisue in the_safehouse

Thanks to greenheart45 for the links.

First up: after a few months delay, 'The Best Man' and Martin are headed to the West End:


Link is to a Facebook page which should be visible to all. There are a couple of casting changes, Gemma Jones and Anthony Howell are out while Maureen Lipman is in. Martin, Jeff Fahey, Honeysuckle Weeks, Glynis Barber and Jack Shepherd are all returning.

Links to some earlier interviewsCollapse )

And from this month:

7 Feb 2018 - You can watch here Martin Shaw’s appearance on The One Show.
ATTENTION SPOILERS – Please be aware that the final Inspector George Gently episode is being discussed between 41:00 and 43:00!

14 Feb 2018 - Radio 2 -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoZ-u1-Awm8

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Happy Pros Valentine

14 February 2018 | 22:08
posted by: macklingirl in the_safehouse

I wanted to  make a vid with my favourite Valentine-song, but this will have to wait until next year. So here are only two pictures.

Have a Happy Valentine with our lads.

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BistoCon 3! Con and ConZine info

8 February 2018 | 09:51
posted by: krisserci5 in the_safehouse

BistoCon 3 is on!

Join us on August 10, 11, and 12, 2018.

BistoCon is a small slash con for fans of the Professionals held every two years in Romulus, Michigan, just outside of Detroit. (At the Detroit Airport)

For more con information - Bistocon.org

The zine is available to everyone, no con attendance required to submit!

We are planning on producing our second ever e-zine for BistoCon 2018 and we need your creative contributions to make it happen. Anything Pros related goes- stories, art, puzzles, games, essays, meta, trivia, puns, limericks, poetry, humor, anything at all that fills up the pages and celebrates the lads. Gen, slash, or any other category are all invited to the party. Crossovers and multiverses are welcome as long as the Pros universe and characters are the main focus. The zine is intended to be as open and as welcoming as possible.

Anyone can contribute, regardless of whether you're attending the con or not, although we hope you'll join us for the fun. We ask that you please keep what you send us exclusive to the zine for six months after the con, that is, until February 13, 2019. This includes posting anywhere online. After that, it's all yours.

Please send your submissions as soon as possible to zine@bistocon.org but no later than July 1, 2018. If you have any questions, feel free to send them to zine@bistocon.org as well.

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Cross stitch Bodie and Doyle

7 February 2018 | 20:14
posted by: macklingirl in the_safehouse

I always thought I should make some cross stitch images of our lads. But because I didn't get that right, here are two ideas that are playing in my head. Maybe I can stitch them sometime by using this images as a template.

Kreuzstich Bodie.jpg

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Pros fic - Cast On by Slantedlight

4 February 2018 | 17:15
posted by: byslantedlight in the_safehouse

I keep forgetting to cross-post fic to the Pros comms, which is silly really, because that was half their point... So - here's some Pros fic!

Title: Cast On
Author: Slantedlight
Word count: c2000
Pros-Lib: Permission to archive? yes
Slash/Gen: Always slash
Pairing: Bodie/Doyle
Warnings (if any): I don't do warnings in any direction
Other Information: Written to a prompt from macklingirl over on my lj.

Cast On by Slantedlight

(PS - I would have tagged it, but there's no tag for fic 2018. Or, for that matter, fic 2017 or fic 2016. Um... mods?)

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