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Rabb.it Proswatch! Killer with a Long arm

10 January 2019 | 22:42
posted by: kiwisue in the_safehouse

Last month caught me completely off guard, so I am determined to do better in 2019! Signal boosting from FJBryan as usual.

"If you are subscribed to the BistoCon group on LJ, DW, or Facebook, and more recently in the Pros Newsletter, you will have seen posts about our get-togethers over on Rabb.it. Rabb.it is a platform that allows one person to share their laptop or computer screen with a large number of others, so that they see the same film or episode simultaneously. If you've been joining in, you know we've had a lot of fun with this--and if you haven't been joining in, please do! We usually have our episode watch at the end of the month, on varying times and days to accommodate people living in different time zones around the world. Our next watch is scheduled for Saturday January 26 at 10am EST. All you have to do to join in is to set up a free Rabb.it account of your own, then at 10am, join the room where I'm the host (FJBryan). We will be watching Private Madness Public Danger on the 26th. If you "friend" me on Rabb.it, I can even make the process easier by "inviting" you to the room with a reminder on the day."

So:Go to https://www.rabb.it/FJBryan close to the advertised time
Click the doorbell link "let FJ know you're here"
Enter your name/handle that she knows you by and

And if it doesn't abracadabra... https://ci5.dreamwidth.org/18349.html?thread=43437#cmt43437

TIMEZONES (checked):
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PMPD is the first episode broadcast, but the 6th in production order.

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Pros FandomCards 2018 - such gorgeous cards

6 January 2019 | 23:25
posted by: byslantedlight in the_safehouse

It's the 6th of January, and Twelfth Night is past, and all my decorations are down. I thought I'd share the gorgeous Pros FandomCards that I received this year, because I've been enjoying them all this time, and meaning to post, and... well, here they are.

Happily, you don't put calendars away after Christmas... *g*

Isn't our Pros community gorgeously kind and talented? *vbg* Thank you everyone who sent me a card, and joined in the game in the first place - I'm looking forward to next year's Pros Christmas already. *g*

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New Proslib Group

2 January 2019 | 10:28
posted by: hagsrus in the_safehouse

As of this moment the three messages I sent to Proslib on Monday seem to have disappeared into Yahoo limbo. A message on this subject posted at the site this morning has also failed to appear.

I expect they will shake loose eventually, but the messages arrived within seconds at the experimental mirror https://groups.io/g/proslib - new members very welcome!

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Happy New Year!

31 December 2018 | 23:46
posted by: macklingirl in the_safehouse

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Rabb.it Proswatch - Heroes!

29 December 2018 | 08:38
posted by: kiwisue in the_safehouse

Passing on the info from FJBryan:
"IT IS TONIGHT!!! Next Pros watch, Friday Dec. 28 at 7pm EST. There's no Event link for Rabb.it because they ditched Events last month, so you have to find my "room" and join it. Here is the link to the room: https://www.rabb.it/FJBryan Share with all who want to watch HEROES....yes, Shotgun Tommy!"

New time and new event link, for a new episode (sorry for the late notice, this is in about 4 hours from now!):

FRIDAY December 28 at 7pm EST

To join the fun, you need a Rabb.it account. Setting one up is free and easy. Once you have the account, at 7pm EST, you log in and then go to the Event go to FJ's room and join it! We all chat down the right hand margin while this is happening, and it's loads of fun. Try joining us! Here's the link for the 7pm watch:


Okay, something funny happened when I did the time zone conversion via timeanddate.com. Just this once could you check the time in NYC or another convenient place on that site? Because the other timings are wrong. Sorry!

ETA - Not wrong, just me. Operating on NZ time, LOL!

Other Timezones beneath the cut
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Pros Fandom Card 2018

17 December 2018 | 19:30
posted by: mella68 in the_safehouse

Yesterday I got this beautiful calender from krisserci5. Thank you so much. It's my first Pros fancraft I ever got.
I wish you all a very pros-y peaceful christmas time.

EDIT: My second Pros Fandomcard arrived today. Thank you so much silver_cyanne for the card and the bookmark.

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Pros Fandom Card 2018 - The first one arrived

8 December 2018 | 19:24
posted by: macklingirl in the_safehouse

Yeah. I've got the first Pros Fandom Card 2018. It's from loxleyprince and it containes two fridge magnets. Thank you very much. Now I'm in an even happier Christmas mood.

Sorry for the bad quality, the battery of my camera is empty and I had to use my old cell phone.

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Remembering Lew

27 November 2018 | 09:50
posted by: londonronnie in the_safehouse

We are remembering Lew today on the 5th anniversary of his passing. A sad day for all of us, but Lew lives on in our hearts and in our memories. Our thoughts are with Michelle, Oliver, Elliot and Cameron.

We have uploaded two new videos to our YouTube channel in memory of Lew, the two episodes of 'Tarzan' in which Lew appeared during the 1990s.

We have also opened a tribute page at the Official Lewis Collins Fansite - please send your messages via the 'Remembering Lew' page.

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Pros FandomCards 2018 Away!

26 November 2018 | 10:34
posted by: byslantedlight in the_safehouse

Jumping in while I can access the_safehouse (apparently I'm only allowed in if it's morning - I wasn't able to get into this comm/people's ljs again last night, just when I thought it was all fixed... I'm assuming it's lj-server work, and keeping an eye on what things look like to see what's about to change)...

I'm sorry I didn't send out the initial acknowledgements to everyone who sent their details this year, it's all fallen into a rather busy part of 2018 for me, I'm afraid. But, most importantly - I sent out the assignments for Pros FandomCards 2018 last night! Hopefully everyone who was expecting an email received one - if you can let me know you've got it safely that would be great (some people already have - hurrah!) And if you haven't received one, then obviously do let me know.

We're in the stage where there might be slight scope for anyone else to join in, so if you missed the deadline but would still like to take part, then do write and let me know that too. *g* The original post is here

There are fifteen people so far this year who are all going to receive something fab and Pros-y in their mail boxes this December. Despite my worries when I posted, it looks like we're all here still after all - still a heart for our lads and Pros!
DB_LWTmagv2n3_bwpartners (AgentXsite)
2013-01-06 01ProsCardsTogether

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DIALJ Christmas - now open!

24 November 2018 | 15:50
posted by: kiwisue in the_safehouse

Quoting from emails by proslib:

"Welcome to the 2018 discoveredinalj Pros 



Please see details (and ask any questions) at

discoveredinalj.livejournal.com/357923.html "

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Circuit Archive renewed

16 November 2018 | 14:50
posted by: krisserci5 in the_safehouse

Justacat just renewed the Circuit archive until 2020!!!!


Kudos to Justacat!!!

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Rabb.it Proswatch! Killer with a Long arm

15 November 2018 | 00:21
posted by: kiwisue in the_safehouse

Getting in a little sooner than last month. Our next Rabb.it Proswatch will be Killer with a Long Arm in about 10 days time.

The "Mobile Ghetto" episode: Michael Latimer as Georgi, Diane Keen, Ray in green and on a rooftop. Bodie with a towel over his head.

Saturday November 24 10am EST (that's AM for folks in the US, so note the switch to time of day). Also, Southern Hemisphere times in particular may have changed due to daylight saving.


Get yourself a rabb.it account, use the link to rsvp for the show and join in.

United States:
10am Saturday EST
9am CST
8am Mountain
7am Pacific

Asia, Pacifica & Australasia
4:00 AM Sunday New Zealand (NZ Daylight time)
2:00 AM Sunday in Sydney
1:30 AM Sunday in Adelaide
11 PM Saturday Hong Kong
8:30 PM Mumbai, India

UK and Europe
5:00 PM Saturday Helsinki
4:00 PM Berlin
3:00 PM London

Thanks again to our host, FJBryan.

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We Have Lost Another

13 November 2018 | 11:54
posted by: msmoat in the_safehouse

It was announced today that Rosemary passed away on Monday. She was deeply involved with the Starsky and Hutch fandom, but of course also wrote stories for Pros. In fact, it was her story His Reply that was the first Pros story I ever read. I was fortunate to meet her, many years ago. She was a kind, generous, bright spirit. Hold your fannish friends close today.

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ALERT: Circuit Archive

12 November 2018 | 18:34
posted by: kiwisue in the_safehouse

A couple of months ago, following discussions at Bistocon, I checked on the expiry date for the
domain. This domain is owned by the archivist, justacat, but no new works have been added since 2010. Despite this the archivist has kept the registration current, and has done code fixes to what is now very old software in order to keep the archive going. A few works have also been removed at author request, but otherwise Justacat seems to have left fandom.

Along with "proslib" and the Hatstand archive, the Circuit Archive is one of the remaining pre-AO3 Pros archives, and there are lots of works there that are not available anywhere else.

The domain registration is up for renewal on the 16th of November (Friday). About a month ago I had hopes - for good reason - that it would again be renewed, but to date this has not happened. I can only suggest that you do what you can to make personal copies of stories you would like to keep, against the possibility of the archive going down for good.

To assist I'd like to remind you of the spreadsheet that I made last year.


This cross-matches the Circuit Archive with the Hatstand Archive on slashcity, the Proslib list & DVD, and AO3. It's almost a year out of date - I am working on an update for AO3 and Proslib but won't get it done in time. However it should give you an idea of what works are probably not duplicated anywhere else.

Also, time for another listing of Pros resources. I was very sorry that Palely Loitering became homeless, only a few months ago. The Automated Hatstand was closed last year (admittedly because AO3 now fills a similar niche).

ETA: this section updated with information from fans.

Reccing communities and story lists
Crack Van Recs
ci5hq reccing AND discussion community
Tauna's Slash Den
loiteringpalely lj community. For zines, finding them, buying them, dealers, etc.
Alicambs Recs at DW
Madrigal's Recs
Prosfinder If you can't find a fic in the usual places, or remember the story but not the author or title, here's where you go (thank you, Zoe).

Personal websites:
Georgina Kirrin (UKJess)
Oblique Publications Archive
Morgan Dawn
Sandy Herrold
Anne Higgins
Lacey McBain
Helen Raven
Rebelcat - also has a massive page of links
Goodnightlady/Queen Bamfie
Archived copy of Kitty Fisher's site
Jane Carnall
Darby Brennan
The Android's Dungeon(via Wayback)
James Walkswithwind
Jackie Thomas

And just because it is very useful:
Minotaur's Tips for Slash Writers

Feel free to add!

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I always wondered

11 November 2018 | 18:06
posted by: macklingirl in the_safehouse

There was always something in Not a Very Civil Civil Servant what made me wonder. And now, after I catched some screenshots I found out what it is.

When I watched the pub brawl there is one scene where we can see Bodie's nice bum and the skin on his lower back. Looke here. There is nothing between his jacket and his skin. (It is at 16 minutes, 45 seconds)

But not twenty seconds later, at 17:03 he wears a vest. When did he have the time to put it on? Or to put it into his trousers again?

I must admit, that really made me smile. :-)

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Pros FandomCards 2018

10 November 2018 | 09:45
posted by: byslantedlight in the_safehouse

We're getting fewer all the time - maybe more reason to gather together around a roaring Pros FandomCards? Would anyone like to play this year? Sign-ups from today! *g*

Pros FandomCards is a December/Christmas/Winter/Solstice/Celebration-of-your-choice where Pros fans exchange greetings via old-fashioned post - it's open to everyone, and simply involves sending at least one (but as many as you like) Pros-based cards/creations to the person/s assigned to you. And of course in return you receive Pros-based cards/creations through your letterbox - just a little piece of extra happiness in December.

2013-01-06 01ProsCardsTogether

The exchange started in 2011, and has run every December since then - the link takes you to the Safehouse tagged posts, so you can get an idea of what's going on if you're not sure, and/or inspiration, or just to look at the pretty pictures. *g* It's fun and December-y and it's always nice to get old-fashioned post - especially lads-y post... *g*

Participants will be assigned (via email) a recipient to whom they should send a Pros FandomCard in December. This could be anything - a Christmas card with a picture of B/D tucked inside or on the front, a Yule card that is a decorated drabble, a booklet of CI5 meditations to celebrate Bodhi Day, a knitted George Cowley stuck to a card for Hannukah - it's entirely up to you and your creativity. Your card could be signed by the sender, or the lads themselves, or just in the spirit of December and Pros *g* - as a sender you can choose to be anonymous, or be as open as you wish - whatever you decide. But there's no specific guidelines or requirements for an exotic imagination or craft box, it's having something arrive through the post that's the important thing, reminding us that we're all still here, and part of our Pros fandom together, and that we can share some Pros happiness even if the rest of the world looks dark. You will be given a few preferences from your recipient, such as favourite pairings/characters, and any particular festivals they celebrate, and it would be kind if you could follow these preferences - if I mismatch anyone, please let me know.

In return for sending something, you of course also become a recipient, and should receive something happily Pros to your postbox at some time in December!

You can sign up to send as many Pros FandomCards as you like - although I can't guarantee that you'll receive the same number as you send out, because it will depend on sign-ups, it's mostly worked out that people do in previous years. The only guarantee is that all participants should receive at least one Pros FandomCard - but in theory, your letterbox could be stuffed full of them... *g*

To sign up, please comment below - all comments are screened, so you and I will be the only people who can see your reply - including:
1) Your real life name and address (ones the postie will be able to deliver to)
2) Email address to which I should send your assignment
3) Character likes (e.g. B/D, D, B, George Cowley, Ruth, Anson, B/C - "any" is also okay!)
4) Any specific festival that you celebrate (e.g. Christmas, Hanukkah, Saturnalia, Yule... or None, or Any - it's up to you!)
5) Happy to post internationally if necessary? (Yes/No)
6) Number of Pros FandomCards you'd be happy to send (As above, this may not correspond with how many you receive).
7) Other notes - e.g. if you need your card to be received in disguise, with no sign of B/D until you open it inside, because your other half/third/quarter doesn't quite understand how pretty the lads are when they smooch... *g*

I won't reply to the sign-up comments on lj, because that unscreens them, but I'll email confirmation to the email address you provide. If you really don't want to post your details online, even screened, or don't have an lj, then you can do it all by email and send them to me instead, at slantedlight at g mail dotcom (but formatted properly, obviously!)

Sign-up deadline - midnight (GMT) Friday 23rd November (Lad's time, for my own sanity... *g*). Assignments will be emailed by or on Sunday 25th November, hopefully giving you lots of time to make cards (of course once you've signed up you can start creating whenever you like, though you won't know who they're for yet *g*). It's not impossible to accommodate late sign-ups, but it's a bit more complicated, so if you can sign up by the deadline it would be appreciated (and everyone's more likely to get more cards... *g*) Feel free to pass this on to Pros-y people who aren't on lj too - the more people joining in the very merrier!

If I've forgotten anything, please let me know...

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Remembering ML Mead

3 November 2018 | 00:12
posted by: macklingirl in the_safehouse

Today it's three years that Moonlightmead passed away. I thought it might be nice to remember her.


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New Rabb.it Proswatch! WTJE

23 October 2018 | 09:11
posted by: kiwisue in the_safehouse

New time and new event link, for a new episode:

TUESDAY October 23 at 7pm EST

To join the fun, you need a Rabb.it account. Setting one up is free and easy. Once you have the account, at 7pm EST on 10/23, you log in and then go to the Event, which is found fastest with a direct link that will take you to the virtual "room" where we watch together! We all chat down the right hand margin while this is happening, and it's loads of fun. Try joining us! Here's the link for the 7pm watch:


Other Timezones

United States:
6 pm CST
5 pm Mountain
4 pm Pacific

Asia, Pacifica & Australasia
12 Noon WEDNESDAY New Zealand
10 am WEDNESDAY in Sydney (9 am in Queensland)
9:30 am WEDNESDAY in Adelaide
7 am WEDNESDAY Hong Kong
4:30 am WEDNESDAY Mumbai, India

UK and Europe
2:00 am WEDNESDAY Helsinki, Finland
1:00 am WEDNESDAY Berlin
12 Midnight London

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28 September 2018 | 20:43
posted by: kiwisue in the_safehouse

One of the ideas that came out of Bistocon was an episode watch. People remembered enjoying the original Great Proswatch, and wanted something that could be done collectively. New technology has provided an opportunity via the streaming service rabb.it

How it works: One person logs on and plays a file, and those that have the event bookmarked, or are invited, can attend while the file is playing, and can comment in the sidebar. Anywhere in the world!

Last month we tried Old Dogs New Tricks, and it worked well, once a few of us gumbies had a handle on the technology. This month's episode is Longshot. The episode will be played on Saturday morning, 29 September, US time. Apologies for the late notice, but I had a show last weekend which took longer to recover from than I planned.

How to get involved: get a rabb.it account. FJBryan has set up the event. You can search for that account profile, or for the event professionals-long-shot

The episode timing may vary from month to month, so everyone should be able to attend some of them. This month the times are:

United States:
10am Saturday EST
9am CST
8am Mountain
7am Pacific

Asia, Pacifica & Australasia
3:00 AM Sunday New Zealand
Midnight (Saturday night) in Sydney
11:30 PM Saturday in Adelaide
10 PM Hong Kong
7:30 PM Mumbai, India

UK and Europe
5:00 PM Saturday Helsinki
4:00 PM Berlin
3:00 PM London

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Colourful Lads

18 September 2018 | 22:55
posted by: macklingirl in the_safehouse

While working on my BB-Art I was playing with GIMP. I didn't know what you can do with this program. It is nice. Here are some of the (really) colourful results.

More hereCollapse )

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