Happy Birthday Lew!

Remembering Lewis on his 76th birthday today. Thanks, Lew, for all the great memories.

We have uploaded a new video to the Fansite's YouTube channel to mark the occasion - this time it's Lew's appearance on the Bob Mills Show in 1997. Check it out HERE

Pros in a Nutshell

Last night, I watched In the Public Interest with my cousin, who had never seen any Pros before. It's one of my favorite episodes, and he seemed to enjoy it, so I think it was a good choice. Yet it struck me that it might not be the most representative Pros episode. There are no car chases, no shooting, and no explosions; none of the Capris even appear; and there is both a stronger moral than is found in most episodes and one that sits uneasily with the whole concept of CI5.

This has left me wondering what the most representative episode of The Professionals actually is. What do you think? If you wanted to give someone a sense of what Pros is like by showing them just one episode, which one would you choose? What qualities make an episode truly Pros-y?
BD laughing in MD pose

An experiment and a Friday game

I have had hugely erratic internet since last Saturday, to the point that I finally called the company to find out what was up. Turned out it wasn't me (thank goodness!), they were waiting for spare parts to fix the actual phone mast... As of yesterday it was still ongoing, but cross fingers for today, and let's see if I can post before they start work for the day. *g* (ETA - too late, my interweb has gone as I typed this. Cross fingers it can sneak in and reconnect sooner rather than later...)

I was going to post lads picspam, and then I thought - it's Friday! It's the Friday before the May Day bank holiday here in the World of the Lads! Maybe it would be fun to play a game..?

So! In any or all of the pics below - what are the lads saying or thinking or pondering, or..? *g* Basically a mass caption-this, I guess. *vbg*
1 2

3 4

5 6

7 8
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Pros on lj and Pros on dw

The world continues to wobble badly on its axis, and there's no telling when it might hit equilibrium again, and whether we might lose livejournal in the process. the_safehouse has been here on lj since 2004, and it would be awful to lose all our fandom history (does anyone else notice that it would be largely women's history being lost yet again, btw?) - so as you know, we've backed up to dw.

Other Pros comms have also backed up there - some with histories nearly as long, some newer - and it might be helpful to have a list of links:

- Bistocon
- Ci5_Boxoftricks
- Ci5hq
- Ci5hq_Dnoticed
- Discoveredinalj
- Doppellebenci5
- Loiteringpalely
- Prosficindex
- Prosfinder
- Prosnewsletter
- Prosrecordsroom
- The_Safehouse
- Teaandswissroll

There were also a couple of Pros comms at dw from previous relocations:
- Ci5
- Prosrecs

If the worst comes to the worst, at least it's somewhere to find each other again. Perhaps people who'd like other Pros fans to add their dw account to their reading list thingie and vice-versa could comment here too?

If I've missed anything off, do let me know. And while we're here, let's have some lads...

The kiss-cropped
BD Squeeee (Probodie)

Yes! We can haz dreamwidth back-up!

It finally worked, and I was able to back up not just the_safehouse's posts, but also the comments, which have been getting stuck and failing for the last week or so. But it finally worked, and the comm is now fully backed up via both BlogBooker (as Word documents for each year. My suggestion is that I tidy these up and then I wonder if hagsrus would like to archive them in ProsLib? (Same for discoveredinalj and ci5hq, which I also have in Word docs?) and also on dreamwidth.

The Safehouse on dreamwidth

My suggestion for everyone, since we don't know what's going to happen, is that if you want to post here to Safehouse, please also join and manually post to the dreamwidth version (if you have dreamwidth access), which, again, is here. That way your posts and any comments will be saved in either scenario - lj survival, or lj doom... :( I'm desperately hoping for the former, because it seems so much more complicated to post images on dw, and my Pros and personal posts both tend to be image-heavy - that's half the fun of Pros.

Mostly, of course, I know how lucky I am to be worrying about something as luxurious as our fandom and our blogging forum, when the people caught up in Russia's invasion of Ukraine are worried about pain and hunger and homelessness, and I just hope it can be over and everyone safe and free, soon.

We need a bit more of this, and less of the other...

Backing Up Your LJ Data

Here are several things you can do to back up your LJ posts, their accompanying comments, and other data.

1) Use LiveJournal's export tool.
This will allow you to download the text of your entries in a format that can be reuploaded later. Images and comments are not included.

2) If you have a Dreamwidth account, use the Dreamwidth importer.
This works for some people and not for others. If it works, it can import your journal entries and their accompanying comments to Dreamwidth, along with your tags, profile, and icons. [ETA: See byslantedlight's notes on images below. Further ETA: As of 11 March Dreamwidth imports are working for some people for whom they failed before.]

3) Use BlogBooker.
This site can generate a PDF or DOC that includes all of your journal entries with their accompanying comments. You can make three documents for free, each containing entries from a period of either 1 year (for PDF) or 6 months (for DOC). If this is not enough to back up your whole journal, there are paid options that you can consider. (Note that using BlogBooker requires that you share your LJ password. You might want to change it after downloading your back-ups.) [ETA: Some people are reporting that BlogBooker is having issues due to high traffic.]

4) If you have a blog that uses Wordpress, take advantage of Wordpress's LiveJournal import tool.
Wordpress blogs have a built-in tool for importing from LiveJournal. Instructions for using it can be found in this Wordpress support article. This method is supposed to import both entries and comments, but I had trouble with the latter. Images are not imported, but rather embedded in the imported entries using links to LiveJournal. If you don't have a blog that uses Wordpress, you can start one easily by signing up at (Thank you to mikesmaddie for sharing this method.)

I hope this is useful to some people. If you know of other good methods, please share them in a comment.
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Someone wanted to know where a photo was from...

...and f_m_parkinson worked it out - but now neither of us can remember who asked about it, or where!

It was this pic:
1973 AchillesHeel08

...and you might have found this out elsewhere, but it turns out that it's from Achilles Heel from 1973...

(Ha - and while putting that link up, I saw comments that MS in this pic looks like Jude Law ... and that's your starter for ten... *g*)
1973 AchillesHeel09b 1973 AchillesHeel09-cfJudeLaw2
The different eras, ages and pic quality doesn't help, mind - but it was the only one of JL I could find looking in the same direction!