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Pros Zines For Sale

Once again I am reluctantly having to downsize my Pros zine collection, and I now have the following zines for sale.

Prices do not include postage costs. I am in the UK but am happy to post overseas. I can be paid by PayPal.

Information on all the zines can be found at the invaluable Hatstand Master List of Pros Slash Zines:

If you're interested in any of these zines please give me a shout and we'll take it from there!

£8 ~ Arabian Nights ~~ Pamela Rose
£8 ~ A Beach to Walk On ~~ ET
£5 ~ Bene Dictum Noughts and Crosses
£5 ~ Bird in a Gilded Cage ~~ Meg Lewtan
£8 ~ Catch a Fallen Star ~~ Rosemary Callahan
£5 ~ Czardas ~~ Jane
£5 ~ The Die is Cast ~~ Fiona Murray
£8 ~ Encore ~~ Kathy Keegan
£5 ~ Forever True ~~ Elizabeth Holden
£8 ~ Heat Trace ~~ Helen Raven
£5 ~ Lovers 5
£5 ~ A Madrigal ~~ Jane
£5 ~ Never Let Me Down ~~ Shoshanna Green
£10 ~ Night Music in B and D
£5 ~ Old Friends
£5 ~ Sebastian Collected 1 ~~ Sebastian
£5 each ~ Secret Agent Men 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 & 11
£5 ~ Tea for Two ~~ Alex T Mackenzie
£5 ~ Truth to Tell
£10 ~ Variations on the Theme of B and D

All About the Cars

I mentioned during Tuesday's episode watch that there was a website where you could read all about the cars used in The Professionals, including why Fords appear in the series, rather than cars made by a British company. That site was not, as someone suggested, but rather the Car Pool section of the invaluable Authorized Guide to The Professionals.

(This page helped me figure out how many Capris there were, which was something I was quite confused about when first working through the show.)
BD BlindRun (EmptyMirrors)

Thursday night Pros

I have been accused of sending the lads off to other places in many many of the fics I've written (and it's probably true, though I've never counted). And I must admit, I'm sitting here thinking about the lads off away together somewhere right now. *g* It's almost certainly lockdown-induced, but given my fics maybe not entirely... *g* But it got me wondering...

If Bodie and Doyle went on holiday together... *g*
1 - where do you think they would go, and why?
2 - what would they each like best about the place
3 - what would they each like coming home to the best?

BD monkey2 (scope) BD sailingwetsuits (jaycat)
lew fanclub pic

Happy New Year!

The New Year is fast approaching! Don't forget to download your copy of the Lewis Collins 2021 Calendar from the Official Fansite! Download, print, hang on your wall (or just savour the pics on your computer) and spend the year in Lew's company. Let's hope that it's a much better year for all of us than this past one has been!

You can find the calendar HERE

Enjoy! Happy New Year!

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Video - Bodie and Doyle Alone With You

I don't get to make vids nearly as often as I'd like, but occasionally one escapes my head and makes it into the real world. :D

This is one of those: 'Bodie and Doyle Alone With You'. Perhaps the only explanation necessary is that the title says it all.

I'm posting this as an 'unlisted' Youtube video. That means, even though the vid is not fully public or searchable on YT, you should be able to play it from here:


Bodie and Doyle Alone With You

Vidder: zzebeddy

Summary: The title says it all.

I do not own the show, characters or music. The music track is 'Alone With You' by The Sunnyboys.

For some reason the Youtube uploader tends to leach some colour out of the master video file. If you'd like to see the original colours and/or want to download, PM me with your email address and I'll send a Dropbox share file. ..I don't think you need a Dropbox account for this. Of course you can also use ClipGrab to download from YT, if you're ok with less colour.

Best wishes to everyone, for a better and brighter 2021.

Thoughts of you

Remembering Lew...

Today marks the seventh anniversary of Lew's passing. The years seem to be going by so quickly, and yet he remains in our thoughts and in our hearts as much as ever.

We have today uploaded another of Lew's early tv appearances to the Official Fansite's YouTube channel. This time it's 'Crown Court', in which Lew appeared in 1974. You can find it HERE

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