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News about 'The Best Man' and Martin Interviews

16 February 2018 | 10:44
posted by: kiwisue in the_safehouse

Thanks to greenheart45 for the links.

First up: after a few months delay, 'The Best Man' and Martin are headed to the West End:


Link is to a Facebook page which should be visible to all. There are a couple of casting changes, Gemma Jones and Anthony Howell are out while Maureen Lipman is in. Martin, Jeff Fahey, Honeysuckle Weeks, Glynis Barber and Jack Shepherd are all returning.

Links to some earlier interviewsCollapse )

And from this month:

7 Feb 2018 - You can watch here Martin Shaw’s appearance on The One Show.
ATTENTION SPOILERS – Please be aware that the final Inspector George Gently episode is being discussed between 41:00 and 43:00!

14 Feb 2018 - Radio 2 -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoZ-u1-Awm8

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Happy Pros Valentine

14 February 2018 | 22:08
posted by: macklingirl in the_safehouse

I wanted to  make a vid with my favourite Valentine-song, but this will have to wait until next year. So here are only two pictures.

Have a Happy Valentine with our lads.

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BistoCon 3! Con and ConZine info

8 February 2018 | 09:51
posted by: krisserci5 in the_safehouse

BistoCon 3 is on!

Join us on August 10, 11, and 12, 2018.

BistoCon is a small slash con for fans of the Professionals held every two years in Romulus, Michigan, just outside of Detroit. (At the Detroit Airport)

For more con information - Bistocon.org

The zine is available to everyone, no con attendance required to submit!

We are planning on producing our second ever e-zine for BistoCon 2018 and we need your creative contributions to make it happen. Anything Pros related goes- stories, art, puzzles, games, essays, meta, trivia, puns, limericks, poetry, humor, anything at all that fills up the pages and celebrates the lads. Gen, slash, or any other category are all invited to the party. Crossovers and multiverses are welcome as long as the Pros universe and characters are the main focus. The zine is intended to be as open and as welcoming as possible.

Anyone can contribute, regardless of whether you're attending the con or not, although we hope you'll join us for the fun. We ask that you please keep what you send us exclusive to the zine for six months after the con, that is, until February 13, 2019. This includes posting anywhere online. After that, it's all yours.

Please send your submissions as soon as possible to zine@bistocon.org but no later than July 1, 2018. If you have any questions, feel free to send them to zine@bistocon.org as well.

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Cross stitch Bodie and Doyle

7 February 2018 | 20:14
posted by: macklingirl in the_safehouse

I always thought I should make some cross stitch images of our lads. But because I didn't get that right, here are two ideas that are playing in my head. Maybe I can stitch them sometime by using this images as a template.

Kreuzstich Bodie.jpg

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Pros fic - Cast On by Slantedlight

4 February 2018 | 17:15
posted by: byslantedlight in the_safehouse

I keep forgetting to cross-post fic to the Pros comms, which is silly really, because that was half their point... So - here's some Pros fic!

Title: Cast On
Author: Slantedlight
Word count: c2000
Pros-Lib: Permission to archive? yes
Slash/Gen: Always slash
Pairing: Bodie/Doyle
Warnings (if any): I don't do warnings in any direction
Other Information: Written to a prompt from macklingirl over on my lj.

Cast On by Slantedlight

(PS - I would have tagged it, but there's no tag for fic 2018. Or, for that matter, fic 2017 or fic 2016. Um... mods?)

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LC in The Man Who Knew Too Little

31 January 2018 | 16:18
posted by: sunray45 in the_safehouse

I have posted some screencaps of Lewis in this episode of 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents', which was made in 1989. Link to my LJ:


There is also a link to the film over there.

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The day before yesterday it was two years - In memory of Minori_K

20 January 2018 | 19:19
posted by: macklingirl in the_safehouse

I wanted to post this the day before yesterday, but I forgot. Our lovely minori_k died two years ago at January 18th. I still miss her drawings.

The following are made by her. Under the cut are NSFW pictures.


NSFWCollapse )

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Playing around and having fun

17 January 2018 | 21:45
posted by: macklingirl in the_safehouse

After siskiou send me the picture from the Cock Rock at the sea in Oregon, I had to go and play with it. And with the lads, of course.

And I think they found the name of the rock very inspiring. But take a look for yourself. :-)


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Wallpaper - Ex Italia....

15 January 2018 | 01:13
posted by: sw33n3y in the_safehouse

'Ex Italia' (Out of Italy) is the completion of a long standing WIP I had tucked away in my files. When I first started working on it, I was also reading Sebastian's story 'Et in Italia Ego' and, eventually, one began to inform the other. This was the version of Doyle I saw in that story: a classical beauty rendered in plaster and stone.

ex italia by sw33n3y final flat600.jpg

Full screen image


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Hello again

6 January 2018 | 22:49
posted by: tancer9902 in the_safehouse

Hi again from one of your quieter members, I just have a question regarding the episode Mixed Doubles. I have read (stalked) most of the posts here and can't find any references to a blooper I've noticed, nor is it on Dave Matthews page. So, Has any one else noticed that when Macklin slashes Bodie with the knife, he initially gets him in the chest. Yet all other scenes, Bodie has a cut arm. Just curious if I have missed something, somewhere?

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Forty Years Ago Today...

31 December 2017 | 23:58
posted by: byslantedlight in the_safehouse

...as kiwisue and londonronnie reminded us yesterday, the first ever Pros episode broadcast would have been seen by thousands of people (hmmn, wonder what the figures were - anyone know?) - which means that today they would have been talking about it, right? *g*

Forty years is such a long time - I was just ten years old and in Grade 5 at primary school. I think I was old enough then to walk to and from school, which was just down the road, with my little sister and no adults. We had a big, box-like television (not sure whether it was black and white or colour - at one point the black and white one caught fire and Dad had to rush to get it out of the house, and that was when we got a colour one, I think), but I don't remember watching it much when we lived in that house. And I don't think Pros was even aired yet in Australia then - at least not on our channels, which were the ABC (Channel 2) and Channel 6 (from Ballarat, I seem to remember!) We didn't get the three Melbourne channels then (7, 9 and...okay, I'm sure we had four altogether, but I can't remember the last one - maybe 10?) and I remember being disappointed about it, even back then, so I must have already been aware of things I liked to watch. Oh, Lost in Space of course, and Get Smart - I would have been sorry if I couldn't watch them any more!

What I'm really thinking about is how much the lads' world has changed since then. Computers are the big thing now, of course - but also mobile phones. They'd never have to run to a phone box now, they'd have mobiles. Come to think of it, where would the villains have left their clues in First Night? Bodie would never have wondered whether they'd find half an ear perhaps in the next phone box! And Spy Probe couldn't have started with Doyle running from phone box to phone box to get the next instructions - or at least he'd've had to run alot further, because there's not nearly as many working phone boxes around. There are places (does this happen in London too?) where he might have seen a red phone box with relief, yanked the door open - and been confronted with a mini-library!

Come to that, the library in Fugitive may well have been shut down - at the very least its hours would probably be curtailed, and it would be staffed by retired volunteers. Could CI5 have worked with that as easily? But then perhaps Christina would have been fired when the cuts were first made anyway - perhaps it would have forced her back to Dreisinger before Fugitive even happened, or even out of the country...

But what about Private Madness, Public Danger, the first ep broadcast - could that have happened today? I'm going to watch it again and try to decide... *g*

Ah, an alarm clock - how old fashioned... and Nesbitt is reading a book - a real book, on paper! He's got a very long wire on that target - no wireless... *g* Something tells me the rifle probably hasn't changed much though...

We'll ignore fashion in general, I think. *g* I mean, black t-shirts still being worn, collars like on Bodie's shirt, not so much. *g*
BD fashion tshirt-shirt
Maybe more interesting to see what is still worn!

Could they make Pros today...?Collapse )

Just snuck in for 2017 - Happy New Year everyone! *g*

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Happy New Year

31 December 2017 | 17:39
posted by: macklingirl in the_safehouse

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Happy New Year 2018!

31 December 2017 | 15:21
posted by: cloudless_9193 in the_safehouse


Jigsaw Puzzle

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To Paraphrase The Fab Four... "It Was Forty Years Ago Today..."

30 December 2017 | 20:48
mood: nostalgicnostalgic
posted by: londonronnie in the_safehouse

From the TV Times of 30th December 1977 -

Also (for those who were members of this comm back in 2007)... can you believe that it's actually ten years ago that we started the Great ProsWatch? Incredible!

And now I'm off to mark the fortieth anniversary by watching Private Madness, Public Danger!

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Forty Years On - remembering the first screening of "The Professionals"

30 December 2017 | 23:51
posted by: kiwisue in the_safehouse

The first televised episode was "Private Madness, Public Danger." It was aired on ITV at 9 p.m. Friday 30th December, 1977.

(ETA: yes, I stuffed that up first time around, don't know how).

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AO3 issue: Angel in the Dark deleted ETA: Link removed from AO3

26 December 2017 | 14:51
posted by: kiwisue in the_safehouse

ETA Friday 29 December: First part of Angel in the Dark has been converted to HTML and uploaded to AO3. I will advise when the complete work is available again.

31 December: complete story available at the above ling.

This is a disturbing report about a takedown of a zine-era Pros novel from AO3, and apparently a permanent black mark against the author who posted it. Hopefully both will be reversed on review. It appears to be a case of overreach on the part of AO3 Abuse, and some cloudy policy wording and/or implementation which needs clarifying. At the moment I suggest keeping an eye on morgandawn's DW journal to see how things progress.

The full story, posted December 21 but with updates, is here:


The Fanlore article for 'Angel In The Dark' is here:


ETA: some clarification about linking for text and non-text fanwork: https://aethel.dreamwidth.org/367184.html

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Have a Happy Christmas!

24 December 2017 | 12:17
posted by: siskiou in the_safehouse

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow
Create your own slideshow - Powered by Smilebox
Another slideshow by Smilebox

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Merry Christmas!

24 December 2017 | 15:15
posted by: macklingirl in the_safehouse

The lads and I wishing a Happy, happy Christmas.


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There are 2 Professionals Christmas carols up on YouTube

22 December 2017 | 17:55
posted by: maidavids in the_safehouse

A reminder that I have Professionals Christmas videos up on YouTube. A very Happy Christmas.

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Nat King Cole

Christmas Song - Nat King Cole


And a reminder for Christmas Eve that we came out with the statistical proof in 2016 that Henry Livingston wrote "Night Before Christmas" and not Clement Moore.

The Night Before Christmas" by The Trail Band to massive numbers of antique illustrations from my collection, in the Henry Livingston playlist

My 3 Kindle books will be free for Christmas starting December 23, 2017.

*****FREE*****FOR CHRISTMAS*****
Henry Livingston, The Poet You Always Loved

Thrice Happy Poetry - 14 poems of love and women by Henry Livingston, comic book style, illustrated with 174 antique postcards

The Night Before Christmas - by Henry Livingston, NOT Clement Moore - the original 1823 version of the poem with 89 illustrations from 21 different vintage editions

A most Happy Christmas to all.

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6 December 2017 | 22:30
location: United States, Alabama, Tuskegee
mood: worriedworried
posted by: blackillya in the_safehouse

Dear California Fen: Here we go again! Please stay safe. If you have evacuated check in if you can! If there are fen in Bel Air - I saw the pictures from taken from either the 10 or 405 - I believe. It looked like a scene out of Hell!!

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