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Fan Vid Soul Crying Out

23 February 2017 | 17:00
posted by: bodiecuddle in the_safehouse

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WEEKEND – Wallpaper

22 February 2017 | 20:33
posted by: cloudless_9193 in the_safehouse

The Female Factor

WidescreenCollapse )

Jigsaw puzzle

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14 February 2017 | 22:16
posted by: bodiecuddle in the_safehouse

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Happy Valentines day

14 February 2017 | 21:07
posted by: bodiecuddle in the_safehouse

I know i am a bit late, but happy valentines day

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Happy Valentine!

13 February 2017 | 23:29
posted by: macklingirl in the_safehouse

Happy Valentine from Bodie and Doyle to all Pros-fans!

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X-Files and SG-1 zines - any takers?

13 February 2017 | 08:56
posted by: byslantedlight in the_safehouse

Fandom seems to be getting smaller and smaller, so although I wouldn't normally post non-Pros fandom stuff to Pros comms, it might be that there are fans of Pros and X-Files and SG-1 out there, and I hate the thought of having to throw zines away, so...

Way back when I was in Cambs., a friend moved to the other side of the world, and I said I'd try to find homes for some of the zines she had. I've asked various people, and mentioned them intermittently online, and a couple were happily sent off to new homes, but there are still some left, and they've moved with me three times already. I'm moving house againm, and this time if no one wants them they're going to have to go to the great recycler in the... well, that truck thing that comes. *g* So - is anyone interested in taking them off my hands, or shall I just consign them? You've got until about the 26th Feb. to let me know, but preferably sooner rather than later - lj-message me, or my email is slanted light at -g mail- -dot -com- without all the anti-spam gaps and hyphens and with the right symbols, obviously...

X-Files slash
Multi story zines, mainly M/K but one or two stories are M/Sk or Sk/K
Double eXposure
Indecent eXposure
Over eXposure

Sympathy for the Devil by Sarah Bellum (M/K)
Heads & Tails by M Fae Glasgow (multistory zine mainly M/Sk but two M/K)
Out of the Dark by Kassandra (M/Sk)

Stargate SG-1 (all J/D)
Fallen by Sideburns a collection of Descended Daniel stories (Fall to Heaven, The Long and
Live in Loves Flame) by Pantha

Feel free to signal-boost this elsewhere, if you know of comms where it might be of interest!

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More sad news for the Pros fandom

4 February 2017 | 09:39
mood: sadsad
posted by: rosie55 in the_safehouse

I'm sure that fans will be very sorry to hear that Sara Slinn died unexpectedly on Thursday. She was the owner of Gryphon and Pear Tree Press zines. Sara was, for me, at the heart of the Pros fandom, especially in the UK but internationally too, in publishing, organising and attending cons, maintaining libraries, encouraging, enabling, a fount of Pros knowledge. Sara introduced me to so many people who have become dear friends, she published some wonderful zines, and remained in active touch with people in the fandom until her death. Sara's husband Stephen is concerned that messages, concerned with fandom and possibly zines, have been arriving this week while she was in hospital and unable to respond and asked me to pass word through LJ.
Please share this with any other fandom sites which you think would reach interested people.
A great loss to Pros fandom, I shall miss her.

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The 2017 Professionals Big Bang.

3 February 2017 | 15:51
posted by: boothros in the_safehouse

Writers sign ups have now opened:http://ci5-boxoftricks.livejournal.com/163921.html

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Just for a smile - courtesy of the lovely Pros-fan Heike on FB....

2 February 2017 | 13:51
posted by: unbelievable2 in the_safehouse


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Thoughts to First Night

23 January 2017 | 23:22
posted by: macklingirl in the_safehouse

I re-watched "First Night" and like every time I saw it I wondered about a special scene. It is the scene when Bodie and Mr. Cowley are in the house of the young mother while it is dark outside and Bodie is eating the swissroll. When Mister Cowley goes up the stairs he steps on a squeaking step. And so did Bodie.

But when Doyle goes up the stairs he stops and climbes over the squeaking step. So how comes that he know there is a squeaky step? And how did he know which step squeakes? Could it be that he knows the young mother and both didn't say anything? Or did he know the house?

I watched this scene more than ten times and I couldn't find an answer. Bodie didn't say anything to Doyle and the surveillance man, neither did Cowley. And even if Bodie R/T was open, how did Doyle know which step it would be?

Has anyone an idea for me?

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18 January 2017 | 23:19
posted by: helenlovesdogs in the_safehouse

I've been here for a little bit so thought it was time I better pop up and say hello. I am still finding my way around livejournal so hope I am doing this right. I loved The Professionals when they first aired in Australia while I was high school. Was that really so long ago! And have found my way back again.


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Martin Shaw - 50 years on TV

17 January 2017 | 11:20
posted by: greenheart45 in the_safehouse

It's exactly 50 years today since Martin Shaw's first appearance on TV. So to celebrate, I gathered video clips and photos from over 60 TV productions. Quite a remarkable career indeed.

Hope you'll enjoy it. :)

P.S. Apologies for not posting any updates on his TV and radio appearances in the last 6 months. RL events completely re-arranged my plans. Will do my best to make a catch-up post soon.

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An interesting find

14 January 2017 | 13:37
posted by: murphybabe in the_safehouse

Hello, happy New Year and all that!  While checking the LWT books for something in response to a question cim3745 asked about the lads and their numbers, I found this phrase in Where the Jungle Ends by Ken Blake, p.21.

Contxt:  Cowley has just given his standard brief to the new CI5 recruits and Bodie and Doyle caught the end of it.  Bodie described the lecture as 'A bit heavy, sir.  Facist overtones.' and Cowley is considering the pair of them:

A right pair.  And girls - they could pull the birds - as Cowley understood it was said up to a few years ago at least

But not now?  Interesting...

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13 January 2017 | 19:58
posted by: cim3745 in the_safehouse

Hello from germany,

I´m new here and english is not my nativ language - please apologize my school-english - school :-) a long time ago. But I think I´m right here :-)

In the meantime I know very much fanvids on you tube - you tube an the professionals - my hobby. Now I´m here and I hope someone can help me: In which plot is scene, where the lads learn the numbers 3.7 and 4.5. ? I have seen it in the fanvid from jaicen5 the professionals we are done.

Many thanks

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Mod note - temporary moderated membership

7 January 2017 | 09:07
posted by: kiwisue in the_safehouse

I have temporarily changed the settings on this comm to prevent spam accounts from joining and posting. There was a nuisance post here on Friday morning which I have removed. Hopefully these arrangements won't be needed for too long.

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Have a Merry Christmas

23 December 2016 | 21:29
posted by: cloudless_9193 in the_safehouse

with one of my favourite Christmas songs. :-)

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Happy Together

21 December 2016 | 18:03
posted by: siskiou in the_safehouse

Hi everyone! How are you all doing?
I'm on school break and am trying to work on a Christmas card, looking for a picture of our lads happy together.

It would be lovely if a few of you have the time and inclination to post your favorites, maybe in the comments.
Here are a couple of pictures I like.

I wish I had the first one in better quality.

Despite the clothes, I've always liked Stakeout!

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Video - Bodie and Doyle November....

15 December 2016 | 18:22
posted by: sw33n3y in the_safehouse

The video is (very loosely) based on a drabble - We Will Become Silhouettes by Sarah K. This is a powerful work that stayed in the back of my mind until it, eventually, dawned on me that I wanted to make some kind of response to it.

I've added an optional end note, which is under a cut, so that you can choose whether to read it or not.


Title: Bodie and Doyle November
Vidder: zzebeddy
Proslib archive: Yes please. Will send.
Disclaimer: I don't own the show, characters, or music. The music track is November by Max Richter.

Summary: Two against the odds.

End note:Collapse )

The video looks best on Youtube, but I'm adding a Vimeo link (password: november) for those in countries where that version isn't accessible.


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1st December - Time for the 2016 Lewis Collins Advent Calendar!

1 December 2016 | 14:15
mood: excitedexcited
posted by: londonronnie in the_safehouse

As always, the Official Lewis Collins Fansite is marking the run up to Christmas with our special Lewis Advent Calendar!

Open a window every day to see a new pic of Lew - but remember, the photos are only available to view on their own particular day so make sure you visit every day. See if you can spot this year's theme!

The Advent Calendar can be found here. Enjoy!

(Oh, and as it's the first day of a new month there's a new Pic of the Month too!)

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Remembering Lew

27 November 2016 | 20:47
mood: pensivepensive
posted by: londonronnie in the_safehouse

A sad day today for Lewis's fans. Hard to believe that it's three years since he left us.

We have been remembering him throughout the day on the Official Fansite - a new clip (Carly's Web) has been added to our YouTube channel, a comic strip biography has been added to the Fansite, and fans's tributes have also been added to our special tribute page.

If you would like to post a message to the tribute page it's not too late, we will be adding tributes up to midnight tonight. Messages can be submitted via the 'Remembering Lew' page on the Fansite.

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